Every year, our SCORE Lancaster Lebanon volunteers help thousands of entrepreneurs live their dreams of successfully starting or growing a small business. SCORE client Dena Schaffer Krebs was working towards her dream when she reached out to SCORE in 2017 for help with her business plan and raising capital for a gift shop & gallery in Elizabethtown. That dream is now Creations Reimagined: Upcycled Gifts & Goods at 206 S. Market Street.

Located in the former Roth’s Furniture building, Creations Reimagined is an upcycle market and each artist has their own display space that they stock and manage with their creative inventory. This could include re-purposed, re-created, re-finished and bi-product based upcycled gifts and goods. imagine anything from a hip vinyl record bowl to an exquisite dresser turned chic buffet. More than just a retail shopping center, Creations Reimagined is also a community hub. The vision of the store includes community focused events, designed to reduce waste, inspire creativity and connect neighbors.

Working with SCORE has been tremendously helpful to me as I started this journey as a new entrepreneur. It has given me a safe place to bounce around ideas. I also truly appreciate being able to turn to my mentor, Tim, for a gut check as big decisions arise. When I was finding a location for the business and working on a model switch up, he was a great listener and helped me feel confident that I was headed in the right direction. As a sole proprietor, having that objective, knowledgeable person to turn to for advice and insight is invaluable.“
  - Dena Schaffer Krebs, owner and curator of Creations Reimagined

Dena worked diligently with her mentor Tim Douglas to assess objectives and set goals for her new enterprise.

“Dena has executed her business plan with dedication. She has an appreciation for understanding the ‘language’ of business finance, and how to use financial information to make good decisions. Equally important, she knows the importance of consistent brand promotion with her customers and the upcycle artists she represents.”
  -Tim Douglas, SCORE volunteer mentor

There are always plans brewing for the future of Creations Reimagined, and Dena keeps her eye on continuing to grow and evolve as a business and a community partner.

“I have so many plans for the future of Creations Reimagined! I want to become more involved with the local community and see what ways we can best promote upcycling and its role in environmental consciousness. It's truly incredible what we can do with what we already have. My trouble often lies in overextending myself. I know Tim will be there to help me stay centered and avoid burnout. “
  - Dena Schaffer Krebs, owner and curator of Creations Reimagined

Our SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon mentors become invested in the success of their clients. This is especially true of mentor Tim Douglas, who delights at every achievement, each sale, no matter the size, and the changes in lay-out and design at the gallery. A small business owner has no better cheerleader than their SCORE mentor.

“Open, honest communication is essential to a good client-mentor relationship. Building trust in each other has allowed Dena and I to address difficult matters by thoroughly understanding the issues and objectively discussing the merits of options, allowing her to make the best decision for her business. The confidence in each other builds from this process and strengthens our client-mentor relationship.”
  - Tim Douglas, SCORE volunteer mentor

Dena’s dream has launched and her SCORE mentor will be there to guide her along the way. Recently Dena posted this recommendation for SCORE Lancaster-Lebanon.

"I have been working with SCORE for a little under a year now and I am so impressed. My mentor is incredible. Through this program, I know that I have somebody I can trust to bounce ideas off of and look to for guidance as I continue the journey of launching my first business.

It is my hope to one day be in the position to help a young passionate entrepreneur as I’ve been so fortunate to have experienced. Thank you for all that you do to prepare us for success."
  - Dena Schaffer Krebs, owner and curator of Creations Reimagined


Client│Mentor Profile: Creations Reimagined – Upcycled Gifts & Goods