After two decades of working with several bosses who lacked essential leadership skills, I began to dream. My dream centered around ways I could help people become influential leaders… with a twist. My “passion position” related to coaching and empowering clients. I loved how I helped them and I excelled at it. Yet I wanted to shift from working with clients from a clinical perspective to a coaching approach that promotes an awareness of the power of emotional intelligence. My personal journey led me to my current work with emerging leaders, leaders who want to be more intentional, make a greater impact, and breakthrough self-limiting beliefs.

Over 20+ years, I’ve been a clinical therapist, career coach, and executive director of an educational program. This experience formed my leadership coaching approach, specifically designed to foster an individual’s personal and professional development. In life, the personal and professional are intertwined. And we’re never “done.” Growth is a series of ongoing processes. In our work together, my goal is to facilitate your journey in reaching your full potential -- whether it’s about improving relationship quality, developing skills to lead others, or growing professional effectiveness and capabilities. 

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 Tricia  Nabors